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Blue Flexographic Print Over White Corrugated

Our most popular box style.
Mailer box style with dust flaps and tab locks.

Suitcase box

Trash receptacle - Donation bin

Die-cut Foam

We supply custom corrugated and cardboard boxes with high recycled content that are 100% recyclable and are always American made. Let our design team help you create boxes you can be proud of and that will get your Logo out in the shipping environment for everyone to see.If you need corrugated boxes in Southern California that will meet your specifications in size, design and looks, we have the solutions for you.

We cater to industry, small business and startups, specializing in protective packaging for easily damaged products. Foam and other interior packaging materials may be incorporated into each design for a cost effective solution to fit your budget.For the small business looking for custom boxes in Southern California to fit their specific needs, we can provide the materials you need to safely and effectively transport your fragile products.

If you need custom printed boxes in Southern California to reflect your brand, we also have the capability to print simple graphics (1 or two colors) directly on your boxes or a high end "4 color process print" litho sheet can be laminated to your boxes if that level of graphics is what you require. Our cardboard boxes include setup boxes and folding cartons and we have a short lead time that most box plants can't match. Most of our customers are in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah but we service all of the United States. So, while we provide custom made boxes to Southern California business, we also offer our box solutions to those in every state.

Our high end gift boxes and presentation boxes are perfect for a retail application or for sales teams and customer appreciation giveaways. We can usually give you a ballpark quote over the phone for most box and insert configurations.

Picking the right box for your project is the first step, whether you need a regular slotted carton or a more elaborate die cut box, our team will help you determine the correct box for your needs. The interior packaging is the next step ( if required ). From foam or corrugated inserts to partition sets, we can create a packaging solution for your project.

The level of graphics you want to apply to your boxes is the next issue. A high end print job (like a 4 color process-Litho wrap) adds a lot to the cost of your boxes and is not recommended for short runs. A more cost effective method is called flexographic printing which is a direct print, but there is a printing plate cost that can be substantial and two colors is the limit for this type of print job. The printing plates are a onetime cost and can be used for years of reorders without wearing out.

Our use of recycled box components (inserts etc.) assures you of the smallest carbon footprint possible within the box industry.

Call us if you think we can help you with your custom packaging needs. Thanks Curtis Brewer (760) 532-2411 or email us at